DTF Pressing Instructions

DTF Pressing Instructions:

    1. Preheat Garment to remove excess moisture

    2. Temperature for 100% Cotton or Cotton Blends 300°

    3. Time: 7 - 10 seconds

    4. Peel film after 5-10 second cooling time. 

    5. Pressure: 50- 60 PSI - #7 or Heavy pressure on a manual press

    6. Do not use a teflon sheet or teflon bonnet between heat platen and transfer paper.

    7. A Cricut Easy Press or household iron is not recommended.

If you are having problems pressing:

  1. Increase your temperature +10°-
  2. Preheat your garment for 7 - 10 seconds
  3. Use the Maximum pressure your machine will allow
  4. Cricut Easy Press is not recommended.

Washing Instructions:

Allow 24 - 48 hours to allow the garment to completely cure before machine wash. Wash inside out in cold water. Tumble dry LOW heat